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Trade Fair Foodtech 2019

APM will participate in the food processing and packaging exhibition Foodtech 2019 from 12 to 14 October 2019, at Metropolitan Expo, next to Athens International Airport ¡Eleftherios Venizelos¢.

Drop by our Booth D14 - E17 Hall 3 to see our upgraded Flow Pack models and to talk about your product packaging needs.

We will be happy to help you.
Pastry Packaging

 In order to improve the technology of its machinery Ioniki Sfoliata was equipped with a fully servo driven Flow Pack for packaging the filo and pie products they produce.

 Because of the large films the company uses, width until 820mm, the model APM EFP FS 40 was chosen. Additionally because of the big and heavy pies and because of the thick packaging materials that are used, thickness until 80ìm, a new version of this model was designed. In this version four pairs of fin wheels are used for the longidutinal bag sealing.The first pair is used for pulling the film, the second one for pulling and preheating the film, the third pair is used for the main heating and sealing and the last pair is used for folding the fin of the bag. 

 A rolling tracks mechanism is used for the smooth transition of the heavy products from the crimps frame to the dispatch conveyor and a rotating brush is used for pushing the air out of the bag. 

Halva bar packaging with cold seal packaging film

 The "Olympos" - Papayiannis Bros company chose the horizontal packaging machine Flow Pack APM EFP FS 15 for packaging their products. This model because of its small crimps -150mm length- and because of the small axial distance they have, offers a high packaging speed tha can reach 200 pcs/min. 

 That is why Olympos decided to use cold seal film for packaging halva bars of 40gr. With this specific material the packaging machine can work on low temperatures reducing the thermical loads applied on mechanical parts. Additionally the halva bar, which is chocolate covered, is not affected by high temperatures when hot seal film is used for the packaging. 
ISO 9001:2015

 Our company has been certified in accordance with the guidelines of ELOT ÅÍ ISO 9001:2015 creating a system of quality control for the Manufacturing of Special Purpose Machinery - Packaging.

 In accordance with the above standardization procedure, our company has organized a system of error prevention at every level of operation paired with constant product upgrades, aimed at consistently maintaining customer satisfaction. 

Trade Fair Syskevasia 2018
 APM will participate in the 16th international trade fair of packaging, machinery, printing and logistics Syskevasia 2018, from 12 to 15 October 2018, at Metropolitan Expo, next to Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos".

 Drop by our Booth A26 - B25 Hall 3 to talk about your product packaging needs.

 We will be happy to help you.
Sesame Bar Packaging

 Continuing our longstanding collaboration with Creta Mel, a producer of sesame bars, APM supplied the company with a series of flow pack machines, model APM EFP FS 15. This specific version, like model EFP FS 18 is suitable for packaging small size products at a high speed. 

  • With an axial jaw distance of 120mm and a jaw length of 150mm we achieve a speed of 180pcs/min
  • The roller chain, to which the lugs are attached, and the feeding conveyor don't share the same axial line. This means that the roller chain is covered by the conveyor's lid and remains clear of any food product crumbs. 
  • New design of the lug base makes product conveyance more efficient and improves the interaction between the lugs and the stacker feeders
  • The feeding conveyor is longer than it is in the standard version so this machine can be fed both manually and automatically 
  • Stacker feeders are integrated into the feeding conveyor in order to feed the flow pack machine sesame bars in three piece piles easily and quickly
Pita (for Souvlaki) Packaging

 EUROPITA, a company that produces pitas for souvlaki,  chose the model APM EFP FS 40 to package its traditional Greek products. 

 The 3-axis servo driven machine's versatility in combination with the film's fixed folding boxes, the customized side product guides and the rolling track mechanism in the transverse sealing block, allow us to package a large variety of products in one bag,  

- 10 pieces of pita, diameter of 18cm
- 10+10 pieces of pita, diameter of 18cm
- 10 pieces of pita, diameter of 20cm
- 10+10 pieces of pita, diameter of 20cm
- 6 pieces of pita, diameter of 25cm
- 6+6 pieces of small pita, diameter of 12cm

Bakery Products Packaging

 The Zeo Bakery was equipped with the APM EFP FS 25 Flow Pack machine to package all the bakery products that the company produces with just one packaging machine. 

 This specific model integrates three independently servo driven motors, customized side product guides and customized film folding boxes in order to package a large variety of products such as small cookies, superfood bars, bread sticks of different dimensions in bulk and finally, traditional greek sweet brioche called tsoureki. 

 Additionally the machine integrates a Thermal Transfer printer so that all the product information is printed on the packaging film during the packaging process. 
Packaging of Chocolate Bars
 The APM EFP FS 25 model was chosen by the AGRIFREDA company to package two large chocolate bars together in one bag, dimensions of 25cm x 15cm x 5cm and total weight of 2kg as well as to package large halva log weighing 2.5kg.

 Due to the weight of these products,
- the feeding conveyor is equipped with conveying carriages, instead of only with lugs
- bearings are placed along the longitudinal sealing block
- a rolling track mechanism is integrated into the transverse sealing block in order to smoothly convey products to the dispatch conveyor belt
New Series APM EFP FS
 Our company proudly presents the new and updated series of horizontal packaging machinery (HFFS) with rotating jaws, Flow Pack APM EFP FS.  

 The EFP FS model integrates three independently servo driven motors (full servo) for the motion control of the main machine¢s axes, all the parameters of the packaging process are controlled via touch screen functionality and can be saved according to each unique product code. 

The APM EFP FS series:
- improve the accuracy and the repeatability of the packaging process
- ease of the parameter setting entry and saving via recipes functionality   
- minimize the manual settings 
- decrease waste of packaging material
- decrease machine setting time when packaging different products 
- increase packaging speed and production speed overall
- decrease maintenance and troubleshooting costs